Britney Spears Doing Yoga On Instagram Is HOT!

I’m not even sure what this move is called in yoga, but I call it ‘HOT’!

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The War on Yoga Pants Is Stupid

There are lawmakers all across our country trying to put a ban on the tight fitted, somewhat revealing stretchy pants that seem to be everywhere!


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This Is How You’d Look Doing Yoga In An X-Ray Machine! [VIDEO]


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Can You Really See Through Lululemon’s Yoga Pants?

There has been a recall of Lululemon yoga pants because you can see through them.  Now, that wasn’t by design, so they are allowing people to return them.  Well, it looks like Gillian and our […]

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2013 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest Technology

Adam Levine Loves Yoga

Was rather caught off guard when I read this, but I guess Adam Levine loves yoga…Here is what he said… “I have a hard time sitting still. I can be all over the map. Yoga […]

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Keep Stress Away Easier!

Next week is National Stress Out Week, which, contrary to what the name implies, means it’s time to try to combat toxic stress and tension.


Brian Regan on Yoga

Have you ever done an Upward Dog?  Brian Regan on Yoga! (click more to Listen)