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Slacker Is Making His Dog Work For Him Today

Before I left for work this morning I thought to myself, it’s Saturday do I really wanna work? The answer was NO! So my fiance had the bright idea of bringing our cairn terrier Charlie […]


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The Top Overrated Jobs!

Jobs that seem ideal apparently are overrated! I’m glad I became a DJ and not a doctor! Jobs that seem glamorous and fun according to really aren’t! PR is one the top majors in […]


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1/5 Turn Down Jobs Because The Block Social Media

With social media being used more and more everyday, survey results from Tomorrow’s Workforce show that one in five job-seekers would turn down a job if the employer banned access to social media. The problem is […]


Payday Could Be Deadly

T.G.I.F. and maybe even payday for you….YAY!!!!  Whether it’s a paycheck from your employer or benefits from the government, the influx of cash to your bank account is always a good thing, right? HOLD UP…not […]


Do You Facebook In The Bathroom?

Everyone needs a little break from their daily work load to take a bathroom break, but do you ever need that break just so you can go somewhere discrete to check your Facebook? More specifically, […]


Take A REAL Vacation This Holiday Season

Many people take time off work for the Holidays in order to spend time with their families or go on vacation to visit far away relatives. So when you leave work for the following week, […]


Top 5 Germ Infested Places

Calling all germophobes!! You can scrub, disinfect, wash and use hand santizer as much as you feel necessary or as long as your skin will let you, but you’ll never be completely germ-free. Did you […]


10 Ways to Cut Office Distractions

Every Thursday night at 8 PM EST David Spinks and Lauren Fernandez host a Twitter chat called #u30pro.  Its focus is to create a network of young (aka “under-30″) professionals, but participants of all ages are invited to […]


Coping with computer stress

Okay ladies (and gents) here is a checklist of things to do at the office when a technological issue presents itself and you need it handled it immediately without stressing big time. Most people already […]


Take 10.. Only 10!

Could you go #1 or 2 in a 10 minute time limit? No, it’s not the concept behind a new NBC game show. It could be the policy coming to your job!