Charlie’s Angels: 10 Of Charlie Sheen’s Women

We all know that Charlie Sheen is currently ensconced in his Beverly Hills home with his goddesses, Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly.  But there have been plenty of women to precede them.  Take a look […]


Buck Head Schools Sam In, Umm, Love?

The strategy of approaching a woman like you’re Rico Suave (remember [lastfm]Gerardo[/lastfm]?) is a priceless art form. Watch Buck Head teach Sam how it should be done.


Facebook Takes Precedence Over Bathroom

What’s the firs thing you do every morning when you wake up? Turn off your alarm? Yeah, duh. I mean the next thing, once you’re actually alert. Brush your teeth? Use the restroom? Wash your […]


5 Things Men Must Know

Guys are guys. If we weren’t guys, we’d be chicks. That’s just basic science. And since we are guys, we know there are certain things that we could do, should do, and have to do, like 


Women Are CRAZY!

People can be nuts but lets be real sometimes women can be the craziest.  Ever had a Dream that your man was cheating on you and even though you know its a dream you still […]


Women shaving a thing of the past?

I shave once a week…..maybe.  I work in radio, it’s one of the perks.  So I do feel bad for women who have to shave every day or two.  Check out this article that talks […]


Women – Do You Love Shopping?

There is new research that shows how many average days in Women lifetime they will be shopping.  Think you know the answer?