Will You Have The Best Weekend Ever?

Every Friday, Coop loves to talk to listeners all around Metro Detroit to find out exactly why they will have the BEST WEEKEND EVER!  Julie from Sterling Heights called in last week to tell us […]

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The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Behind The Scenes Kitchen Tour And Suite Menu Tasting

Top Ten Drinks To Try This Weekend

10) The White Russian 9) Blue Hawaiin 8) Sex On The Beach 7) Mimosa 6) Tequila Sunrise 5) A Classic : Whiskey And Coke 4) Long Island Ice Tea 3) Bloody Mary 2) Appletini 1) […]

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P&O Sapphire Princess Visits Sydney

Top Ten Movies This Weekend

1) Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, $19 million 2) Mama, $12.8 million 3) Silver Linings Playbook, $10 million 4) Zero Dark Thirty, $9.8 million 5) Parker, $7 million 6) Django Unchained, $5 million 7) Movie […]

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Mikey’s Six Hangover Cures That Actually Work!

1) DRINK A LOT OF WATER! The majority of a hangover is dehydration so the best way to fix this is to drink water while you are out.  If that is just not something that […]


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Mikey’s 5 Weekend Goals!

Ok so we work all week to get to the weekend right!? Here are my goals that I want to accomplish in order for the weekend to be a success! 1) Wake up once in […]


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Mikey’s Motivation

It is hump day Wednesday and we are almost at that weekend! I have been slacking on my motivation so figured we would get back to it tonight!  Came across this quote today and I […]



Weekend Tips!

To make your week run nice and smooth you must take advantage of your weekend! Here are some tips on how to make that happen! Schedule an exact time to run your errands.  When Friday […]


Life On Kandahar Air Base

10 Tips For A Healthy Weekend

1. Your have more free time so take a little longer work out! You have more time so use this to extend your work out without being rushed! 2. Eat like you do during the week! […]



Don’t Sleep In This Weekend!

You shouldn’t sleep in, which will give you more time to stare at her while she sleeps, like a psycho. Anybody who works a job during the week knows how great the weekend can be. […]


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Tips For Drinking This Weekend

Since it is Friday night and I know you are getting ready for your weekend I figured I would give some tips for safe drinking this weekend! Let me know what you think! Tip 1. […]