What Would You Do... OMG!!!!!There are few things in life that truly scare us.
Bird Frozen To Fence gets SAVED!! (Video)Luckily for him there was an awesome individual there to SAVE HIM!!!
Man Unexpectedly Becomes Best Friends with Fox on his Way Home"I love you but you have to let me go home."
GROSS Video of 'Milk' Served at New York High School Goes ViralThe state of our school lunches is just a disgrace
Angry Hippo Attacks Visitor at National Park Wikus Ceronie is lucky to be alive!
VIRAL: Man Attacked By Grizzly Bear [VIDEO]WARNING! NSFW! ~ @RatAndPuffShow
WATCH: Woman Has a Meltdown Because of Pokemon GO!VIRAL VIDEO!! ~ @RatAndPuffShow
VIRAL VIDEO: Dad Makes Hilarious Video Message For Teenage Daughter After Finding Fireball Whiskey Bottle In Her Sock DrawerFather Makes Hilarious Video Calling Out Daughter After Finding Fireball Whiskey Bottle In Sock Drawer ~ @RatAndPuffShow
WATCH: Snowboarder Films Herself Being Chased By a BearShe Didn't Even Know The Bear Was Chasing Her! ~ @RatAndPuffShow
Brothers Fake a Zombie Apocalypse After Sister Gets Wisdom Teeth RemovedThis is the greatest post-dental surgery video ever - and that's not an overstatement.
Teacher Forced to Resign After Twerking Video of Her Surfaces [VIDEO]Should Her Behavior Force Her To Resign? ~ @RatAndPuffShow
WATCH: Butchers Try Vegan Food For The First TimeSee The Hilarious Video ~ @RatAndPuffShow

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