Viral Video of the Day

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You’re Doing It Wrong: See The Correct Way To Cut Birthday Cake!

Have you been slicing up your birthday cake the wrong way? Find out here!


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Viral Video Of The Day: Dad And Daughter Perform ‘Frozen’ Lip Synch For The Ages

Watch as this daddy/daughter duo take on ‘Love is an Open Door’ – we dare you to not smile!



Viral Video Of The Day: Cat Is Ridiculously Good At Jenga

Think you’re the Jenga champ of your family? Have you thought to play against the cat?


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Viral Video Of The Day: Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but after seeing this, we think that cats should also be included in that category!


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Viral Video Of The Day: An Ode To Moms Thanking Them For What They Really Do

Chances are, you’ll be giving your mom a semi-cheesy card and some flowers for Mother’s Day on Sunday, but when thanking her and giving her praise, maybe you should remember that honesty is the best policy!


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Viral Video Of The Day: What If ‘Frozen’ Was Actually A Horror Film?

This clip will definitely make you think differently about your answer next time someone poses the question: ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’


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Viral Video Of The Day: Kid Does The ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Dance For 100 Days

One ambitious young lad decided to emulate the exact routine from ‘Napoleon Dynamite’…more than 100 times in a row!


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Viral Video Of The Day: The Dangers Of Twerking

Miley Cyrus has started a twerking phenomenon, but can the booty-shaking dance move be dangerous?


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Viral Video Of The Day: New Jersey Teen Gives Musical Prom Proposal

Watch as one high school senior gives his prom date a proposal to remember with his Doo Wop a cappella group The Whiptones!


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Viral Video Of The Day: Dad Reacts Adorably When He Learns He’s Going To Be A Grandpa

We dare you to watch this without a smile on your face!