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#TrendingOnThe10s: Rihanna On A Lesbidate?

Late Thursday night, RIHANNA tweeted talking about the fact that she was going to be going on her first date in almost two years. THEN she was seen holding hands with another woman as they went […]



#TrendingOnThe10s: Kris Humphries DISGUSTED with Kim

After hearing reports of Kim Kardashian wanting to run for mayor of Glendale California…Kris Humphries slammed his soon to be ex-wife. He said its really sad that Kim is so fixated on fame and celebrity. […]



#TrendingOnThe10s: Someone Got Saved On American Idol!

American Idol is one of my weaknesses.  I wasn’t a fan until about 4 years ago, now I feel I wouldn’t be able to function if I miss my Idol.  And last night, I saw […]



#TrendingOnThe10s: Pauly D In Legal Trouble

I’m really upset about this one!  My favorite member of The Jersey Shore, Pauly D, is in some legal trouble! Hes being sued by his former talent agency, ICM. According to the official legal documents, […]



#TrendingOnThe10s: Get Your Dating Tips From Justin Bieber

If men weren’t jealous of Justin Bieber already, now here is another reason for them to be.  Justin did an interview with Seventeen recently, and he stepped up his game a bit.  When it comes […]



#TrendingOnThe10s: Former Miss America, Rima Fakih, Goes On Trial For DUI

The case of another celebrity gone wrong.  Michigan native, Rima Fakih, was arrested on suspicion of DUI charges a few months ago. And today is when the big question is answer with the case finally […]



#TrendingOnThe10s: Simon Cowell Gets A Surprise On Britians Got Talent

With his days on American Idol, Simon Cowell is used to seeing weird people auditioning for him.  I think his hope with Britians Got Talent was that he would get a few less weirdos.  But […]


2011 People's Choice Awards - Backstage And Audience

#What’s Trending?

There are so many crazy things going on right now and trending all over the internet, I am blown away at all the crazy things that are happening.  Detroit SNOWMAGEDDON was LAME.  Zac Efron‘s dropped […]


Pick The Music We Play #AmpTopTrend

We want to give you the opportunity to pick the music that you hear on 98.7 Amp Radio and It’s pretty easy, here is how you do it


Would You Buy A Tweeting Kettle?

Think real hard about the dumbest thing you have ever purchased then take a look at this Kettle that Tweets you when your water is boiled.  I bet the Twettle beats the item you are […]