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[Video] Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep During Interview

Have you ever felt yourself fall asleep in the middle of something important?  Well, in the middle of an interview about his new movie, Now You See Me, Morgan Freeman just couldn’t stay awake! While […]

98.7 AMP Radio–05/23/2013

Heatherette Fall 2006 - Backstage

7 Natural Energy Boosters

Literally the hardest thing for me to do each day is just get out of bed! On top of that I feel like I am always tired and drinking energy drink after energy drink.  I […]

98.7 AMP Radio–04/29/2013


Don’t Sleep In This Weekend!

You shouldn’t sleep in, which will give you more time to stare at her while she sleeps, like a psycho. Anybody who works a job during the week knows how great the weekend can be. […]


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Jump Start Your Brain In The Morning!

Not only do we have a case of the Mondays this morning, but waking up at 3 AM doesn’t make me any more away, either.  We have tried coffee, energy drinks and a ton of […]