The Coop Show Daily Pocast (03.18.13)

What a way to start off a Monday but with a St. Patty’s Day hangover!  Well, the cure today was the chance to fly to Hollywood to see Taylor Swift!  Also, a listener called in […]

98.7 AMP Radio–03/18/2013


Ticketmaster Ditches Annoying CAPTCHA Verification Process

If you’ve bought concert tickets in the last decade, you’ve probably strained your eyes and asked yourself something along the lines of, “is that an ‘i’ or an ‘r’?” Ticketmaster’s dreaded CAPTCHA security check can […]


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Win Tickets To Justin Bieber’s 2013 Tour!

Bieber Fever shows no signs of letting up! That’s right Bliebers, Justin Bieber will be returning to Detroit on July 28th at the Joe Louis Arena! We’ve got your chance to win tickets all day […]


Detroit Police provide traffic control a

Can You Really Get Out Of That Traffic Ticket?

There are people all the time that claim they can get out of traffic tickets with no questions asked.  Many women say that crying or just their good looks get them out of tickets.  Some […]


Taylor Swift at the Ed Sullivan Theater

Win Taylor Swift Tickets!

98.7 AMP Radio presents Taylor Swift at Ford Field on May 4th! The show is sold out, but we have your tickets all weekend long. Listen for when we tell you be the 25th caller […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (10.01.12)

Nothing like kicking off a Monday with a little Buck and Coop!  Today, they had a TON of stuff to give away.  The best part is, they will be giving this stuff away all week, […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (09.17.12)

There are many ways to kick off a week, most of them pretty bad, and they cost a ton of money.  But for free, Buck and Coop kicked off your Monday in style!  Today, they […]



Get Rihanna Tickets Here!

98.7 AMP Radio presents ‘Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour’ at The Joe Louis Arena on March 21st! Tickets are on sale now but we’ve got them all weekend long for you! When we tell you, be […]



Buck And Coop Daily Podcast (08.07.12)

You really missed out today if you missed Buck and Coop.  They gave you two chance to win Justin Bieber tickets this morning!  They also talked about the CRAZY doughnuts that Buck’s wife, Ali, brought […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (07.24.12)

So much happened on Buck and Coop this morning that I feel bad for you if you missed it! First, Buck and Coop played Buck and Coop’s Hi/Low game for Justin Bieber tickets. They also […]