Kim Kardashian in Trouble with the LawThings have not been going well for Kim.
Kardashians Explain Why They Still Call Caitlyn 'Bruce'While the rest of the world is being careful with what they call the newly renamed Caitlyn Jenner, the Kardashians have been given a little more time.
John Mayer Dances With Sharks And Bruce Jenner Allegedly Steals Kim K's LingerieI love that headline. It screams WHAT THE ____?!?
Could This Family Be The Next Kardashians?We live in a world of reality shows and reality stars. It's not my favorite form of entertainment, but so many Americans are addicted.
Kylie Jenner Is Unfamiliar With 5 Seconds Of SummerBased on their awesome fan base here in Detroit, we just assume that everyone in the world knows and loves 5 Seconds of Summer, but one member of the Kardashian clan recently proved otherwise!
Mitt Romney Is A Snookie Fan!!
The Kardashians 6 Feet Under...
The Kardashians..

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