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[VIDEO] The New ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Is Epic!

My wife and I have been freaking out about this since we saw the first clip while watching the Super Bowl this year. This trailer is the best so far and has me freaking out about this movie! Plus, how awesome does Chris Pratt look in this movie?


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Report: Miley Cyrus And Patrick Schwarzenegger Are Done!

People magazine is reporting that Miley and Patrick are completely done. He’s in college and she’s working on her career so the statement is “They’re just in two different places in their lives” (lame, right?)


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John Stamos Confirms ‘Full House’ Spinoff Is On Its Way! [VIDEO]

OK, prepare to freak out. Yes, we all heard a few weeks back about a rumor that Netflix was going to do a “Full House” spinoff…but it seemed to die out when we found out that it was, just a rumor.


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Zayn Malik Pays Tribute To One Direction

Zayn was accepting an award at the Asian Awards in London on Friday night and it was his first public appearance since leaving One Direction – but in his speech he showed the boys some love.


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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Release First Photo Of Son Silas – See The Pic!

Justin and his wife Jessica Biel released the first photo of their newborn Silas yesterday (April 19) and he was rocking a Grizzlies onesie!


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[VIDEO] Senator’s Phone Plays ‘Let It Go’ During A Hearing

LOL!! So it was one of those hearings that you pass by on CSPAN most likely, with a bunch of politicians talking about a bunch of legal stuff. Very stuffy, you get the picture.


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[VIDEO] ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Suspended After Bullying

In my opinion, she’s lucky that all she got was a suspension. It is never OK to bully someone or for that matter treat another human being the way that she did.


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Baby Watch At Buckingham Palace Is Happening Right Now!

The countdown begins to the birth of the second child for Prince William and Kate Middleton – the due date for baby number two is April 25th but it’s not like when my wife Kimberly and I had our kids…where you just wait until it’s time.


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Sofia Vergara’s Ex-Fiance Wants To Raise Her Unborn Babies

So this is a little weird, right? Sofia Vergara’s ex-fiance Nick Loeb filed a lawsuit to try and take possession of the frozen embryos the two made about 2 years ago.



Best Boss Ever? Every Employee Will Make At Least $70,000 A Year!

You’re going to want to get a job at Gravity Payments ASAP. The CEO of the company, who was making around $1 million per year cut his salary to $70,000 per year. He didn’t stop there though, he told the entire company that no matter their position they would all be making at least $70,000 per year (wow!).