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Taylor Swift's GQ Cover Is Hot!Maybe I'm biased because I've always been a huge Taylor fan, but she's looking incredibly hot on the cover of the new GQ Magazine, with a whole "smoldering" thing going on.
How Does Katy Perry Prefer Her Men...Down There?Katy Perry is in the new issue of Glamour magazine and among talking about her music, her always changing hair color and more...she also talked about what kind of man grooming she likes on her man.
[NSFW] Justin Bieber's Junk Photographed While Skinny DippingWe've been waiting to see what will actually break the internet, this might be the one that does it. Justin Bieber was skinny dipping the other day and a photographer with a long-lens snapped some pictures that show literally everything Justin has going on down there.
Lance Bass Says *NSYNC Were Victims Of PedophiliaWell, I didn't see this coming.
[PIC] Justin Bieber Has A New Tattoo On His Abs!Justin Bieber showed off a new tattoo on his Instagram account the other day while simultaneously showing off his abs as well. Although, in his defense...that's where the tattoo is.
Kim Kardashian Says Pregnancy Is The "Worst Experience Of My Life"I've never been pregnant (thankfully, that would be weird) but I do have two kids and my wife has loved and hated parts of it while going through it. However, I'm pretty sure she would never say that it was the "worst experience of my life".
Taylor Swift Pays $50,000 To Dancer Who's Nephew Has CancerTaylor does it again, being the amazing person that she is she was donated $50,000 to one of her backup dancers after finding out that her nephew had cancer.
Michigan Native Involved In Accident In NYC, Family Needs Your HelpAshleigh reached out to me on my Facebook page and asked for help spreading the word about her cousin Matthew who was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident in New York City this month.
The World's Largest Box Of Chocolates In Detroit?!Bon Bon Bon is a local chocolate maker/company with locations in Hamtramck, Detroit and Ann Arbor. They are setting out to break a world record on Sweetest Day (October 14th) on the Detroit Riverfront for the largest box of chocolates ever!
Detroit Mom Surprises 14-Year-Old Transgender Daughter With Hormone Therapy DrugsWhat an incredible story and incredible video of a Detroit mom who surprised her 14 year old transgender daughter with the hormone therapy drugs she had been begging for, for 2 years now!
[PHOTOS] Is Nick Jonas Dating Kate Hudson?So first I should say that these are all just rumors, but I'll let you be the judge when I show you the pictures in a second. Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas seem to be a little cozier than just friends right now.
[VIDEO] Taylor Swift Performs With Mick Jagger!Taylor Swift has been ringing out dynamite special guests to each of her shows on her 1989 World Tour and this past weekend may have been one of the biggest when she brought out Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones).