Shay Shay Survey: The One Thing You Should NOT Text Your Man

It was a trending topic on Twitter, #waystopissmeoff and according to Cosmo, a recurring theme amongst the fellas was something that pisses them off when texting with the ladies.  Any ideas on what this could […]


Moron Update: Texter Falls In Fountain And Wants To Sue!

You may have seen the video we posted earlier this week. She was texting and not paying attention walking through the mall. Now, Cathy Cruz Marrero wants to sue after the video of her fountain […]


Text-Roulette! The Next Match Maker?

TextSlide was able to estimate the amount of text messages that would’ve been sent throughout 2010. That estimate came in around 6.1 trillion, which is triple the number of text messages sent in 2007. A […]


10 Most Annoying Smartphone Habits

Everyone has a reason for loving their smart-phone, why it’s the best, and why the other phones all suck. Smart-phones have changed the way many people communicate. They’ve also changed


Texting While Flying

Singapore Airlines says it will soon offer passengers the option of staying connected at 35,000 feet, including via cell phone.


Rihanna And Chris Brown Talking Again?

Are they talking and again?


Texting Can Get You In Trouble Too

16-year-old Annie Levitz from Mundelein, Ill., began to sense a little discomfort in her hands. They would feel tingly, numb, or simply hurt like a you-know-what. You’d think she was practicing her free throws for […]


Is Your Man Using His iPhone To Cheat??

Called, coincidentally enough, TigerText, it allows users to set a time limit for a sent text to hang around after it has been read. When that life span has been exceeded, the message will disappear, […]