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250 New Emojis Coming Soon Including Middle Finger

Good news for all of those texting addicts out there!

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This PSA On Texting & Driving Will Make You Think Twice About Doing It Again [VIDEO]

Wow! This PSA is intense. Moral of the story… don’t text & drive!

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A New Beer Glass Keeps You Off Your Phone!

It’s kind of annoying to walk into a bar these days . . . and see EVERYONE sitting there texting. No one’s talking to friends. No one’s hitting on anyone. They’re just texting and occasionally […]

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School Punishes Texting Students With A 2 Week Suspension

I remember when I was in high school, you couldn’t even have a pager in school. Now kids have iPhones, iPad’s and probably have no idea what a pager even is. A high school in […]

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This Guy Used A Batman Line To Break-Up With His Girlfriend Via Text

It’s just a part of life. We all look to find love, the perfect soul mate to complement us. Sometimes it works out great and you find a best friend for life and well other […]


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Is Breaking Up Over Text Message OK?

When it comes to relationships, we’ve all had our problems. How you deal with that person and those problems depends on if you stay together or not? Is it’s ever OK to break up with […]



[Video] Man Almost Gets Attacked By A Bear

I don’t know why, but I’m so intrigued by videos of people not seeing what’s coming to them.  I showed this video to Buck, Gillian and Will, and I think they almost wet themselves!  It’s […]



Guess Who Texted Me Today!?

So I woke up today at about 9am and I had a text message… I went to my inbox and it was a sad face text from my ex girlfriend. We hardly ever talk so […]


5 Things People Do That Annoy Me

We all have those certain things others do that really push our buttons, I came with a few things that really bother me when other people are dumb enough to do these things… I have […]


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A Nation Wide Ban On Cell Phone Usage While Driving?

With the rise of devices like smart phones and even different hand free devices, different states, including Michigan, have put a ban on using the devices while driving.  So talking and texting while on your […]