Adam Levine Gets The Boot In South Korea

Adam Levine was recently booted from a South Korea gym! He Tweeted: “They tried to kick me outta the gym in Korea because I had tattoos… I assured them it wasn’t a real tiger and it […]


Key West Lifts Ban On Tattoo Parlors

Don’t Get A Tattoo From This Guy

The thing about a tattoo is, it’s kind of permanent.  I mean, you can get them lasered off, but I heard it’s uncomfortable.  Since it’s gonna be there forever, you want to make sure it’s […]



Would You Get This Tattoo?

I think people with tattoos are crazy, especially Coop.  Since they will never come off unless you get laser removal, you have to look at them forever.  And many times the tattoo someone gets is […]


Buck and Coop

Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (5.2.12)

There are a TON of things you missed out on if you didn’t listen to Buck and Coop this morning!  Luckily, the entire show is here (minus the music).  The fellas talked about the 14 […]



Christina Perri Talks Tattoos And “Twilight”

One of the things, beyond her musical talent, that Christina Perri is known for is her plethora of tattoos. Of her over 50 tattoos, the singer told Alice@97.3/San Francisco that she is a “big dork […]


US model and actress Eva Longoria arrive

Eva Longoria Is Removing Her Tony Parker Tattoos

Here is a perfect example of why you should never get anything related to your significant other tattooed on you! Eva Longoria is still in the process of deleting everything related to her three year […]


Did Selena Gomez Get Bieber Inked???

Ummmmm….PLEASE….PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE….say it isn’t so. PLEASE tell me that Selena Gomez did not get a tatoo of Justin Bieber ‘s name on her!!!! Maybe JB has found “Somebody To Love”


Eva Longoria Nixes the Parker Tattoo

Sometimes a scar is better than the constant reminder that your husband turned out to be a lying, cheating, a-hole.


Rihanna’s Tattoo Mix Up

Oops. I always tell people never get anything tattooed on your body in a foreign language unless you a certain about the translation.  Seriously, I give that advice all the time.  Makes you wonder who […]


Beyonce’s new tattoo!

Beyonce is now officially of my list of hot girls.  She got a tattoo.  Sorry B, I’m over you.  Check out the pic of this trashiness from the usually classy R&B goddess.