Uh... Kylie Jenner Got WHAT Tattoed ?!Well, Kylie sure had an interesting night!
Chris Brown Just Got a Crazy Weird Head Tattoo! [PHOTO]Breezy was in NYC last night on his 'One Hell Of A Night' Tour and decided he needed some new ink...but he got it in a very interesting place.
Ben Affleck Celebrates Being Single With a Tramp StampI wish I was kidding.
Miley Cyrus Sports A Delicious New Tattoo!Hungry? Don't look at Miley's arm.
Was This A Mistake? Check Out Jenny McCarthy's New Tattoo! [PHOTO]Why Jenny? Why?!
Benji Madden Gets Tattoo For Wife Cameron Diaz [PHOTO]If this doesn't work, Benji is going to have to find another woman named 'Cameron' to marry!
Katy Perry Shows Off Super Bowl Tattoo And Hangs With THIS Ex-Boyfriend After Halftime Show [PHOTOS]That's one way to mark an unforgettable moment in your career!
Lil Wayne Gets New Face Tattoo That's Misspelled [PHOTO]Lil Wayne, a man of many tattoos, has just added to his collection...but not in the best way!
What?! Katie Holmes Gets Two Tattoos! What a rebel! Katie Holmes get's two tattoo's!
You Won't Believe Where Kelly Osbourne Got Her Latest Tattoo!Kelly Osbourne's latest tattoo seems like it would be pretty painful to get!
A Norwegian Teen Got a McDonald's Receipt Tattooed on His ArmOne question... why?
Miley Cyrus Reveals New Tattoo Of Grandmother!
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World AIDS Day DetroitGet The Details Here!

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