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(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Bruno Mars Chats With Buck And Coop

Still in NYC after his appearance on Saturday Night Live, Bruno Mars woke up extra early to chat with Buck and Coop.  The guys talked to him about the music he is currently working on, […]


Buck and Coop visit with Marina and the Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds ‘Taps That’ With Buck And Coop

Buck and Coop were visited by Marina and the Diamonds, and they weren’t too sure what to expect.  They knew she is full of energy, but early in the morning, most people are half awake. […]


Lupe Fiasco with Buck and Coop

Lupe Fiasco Plays ‘Tap Out’ With Buck And Coop

Lupe Fiasco stopped by this morning to talk about his new album that is releasing soon.  But Lupe got a little more than he asked for!  Buck and Coop played a little game called “Tap […]