I Was Told To Never Date Girls With These Names

Now none of this is based on my opinion, I don’t date a girl based on her name but I was told don’t ever date a girl with these names because girls with these names […]


Top 5 Celebrities I Hope Go Away in 2012

I came up with 5 celebrities that bother me so much that I want them to go away in 2012. I think we all want these 5 people to go away because for some reason […]


5 Things People Do That Annoy Me

We all have those certain things others do that really push our buttons, I came with a few things that really bother me when other people are dumb enough to do these things… I have […]


Is It True That Girls ACTUALLY Do This?

I had a girl come to my apartment and do this and I thought “wow, what a weirdo!” and when I had girls call in to find out if they do indeed do this, I […]


Top 5 Songs

My Top 5 Favorite songs that we play on 98.7 Amp Radio right now was tough to narrow down to just 5… I like all the music we play but I had to shorten the […]


Top 5 TV Shows Of All Time

It was very hard to compile this list and narrow it to 5 because I like to watch a lot of TV. I think you will agree with me on most of these and if […]


The One Thing All Pretty Girls Have In Common

Last night during my show I realized that all pretty girls have one thing in common… Are you wondering what that one thing is???? do you think you have something in common with every other […]


I would adopt this kid! Meet Lil P-Nut

This is Lil P-Nut, I want to adopt him, I would take this kid to the mall every day with me to pick up girls. He is the coolest Kid I have ever seen, watch […]


Top 5 Annoying Celebrities

5. Adele – Adele makes my list because you and I are both tired of hearing about her ex boyfriend that she is OBSESSED with, every song is about her Ex BF, this poor guy […]