Coop Gets Stuck With His “Big” Pants

Coop is the type of guy that makes sure that his clothes are set out the night before, so when he wakes up at 3:30 AM, he isn’t trying to find something to wear.  Well, […]


Chelsea Gheesling In Studio

Chelsea Gheesling Talks Big Brother 14 In Studio!

Buck and Coop were super excited this morning because Chelsea Gheesling, wife of Dan Gheesling from reality show Big Brother, stopped by the studio this morning to give an inside scoop of what was going […]


(Jon Baker)

Alex Clare On The Secret Sauce That Went Into Making “Too Close”

With a soulful voice and a beard that can rival any indie-folk artist, Alex Clare’s break-through single has taken the summer by storm.


Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards - 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Justin Bieber’s Vocal Producer Kuk Harrell Explains His Job

When you look at the production credits on an album, a lot of names are listed. There’s a producer, an engineer, songwriters, and often a vocal producer. But what exactly does the vocal producer do? […]



Who Is The Butt Groove Bandit at Amp Radio?

I’m sorry.  I have this issue.  I notice EVERYTHING, and once it’s on my mind, it’s going out in the open.  I’m just kidding.  I’m not sorry, I enjoy it!  Anyhow, when I got to […]


Watch It: Wiz Khalifa Visits 98.7 AMP Radio

Wiz Khalifa stopped by the 987 Amp Radio to hang with his fans!  Did you miss it?