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(Roxanne Steele/CW 50 Street Beat)

Roxanne To Host A Very Important Street Beat About Breast Cancer – Details Here!

Find out how you can get a FREE mammogram!

98.7 AMP Radio–10/17/2014

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Heroin Addiction Is On The Rise…

With the recent death of actors Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Cory Monteith, heroin has a new face.

98.7 AMP Radio–02/14/2014

Defeat The Label

Stand For Change This Week On Street Beat!

Bullying is a huge problem in our society especially with children. I was surprised to find out that bullying is heavy in Elementary Schools, and of course from there it continues in Middle School and […]

98.7 AMP Radio–04/27/2013


Street Beat This Sunday Talks About Domestic And Sexual Abuse

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. Abuse towards women and children often goes either unnoticed, or victims don’t know where to start to seek help. Whether it’s a child or […]

98.7 AMP Radio–04/12/2013


Women’s History Month This Week On Street Beat!

I’m so excited to be one of the new host for Street Beat on the CW. Street Beat is a public affairs show that features some amazing organizations in our community. There’s a lot going […]

98.7 AMP Radio–03/02/2013


Go Red For Women This Week On Street Beat!

February is national American Heart Month focussing on women and heart disease. You may have noticed the GM building downtown has gone red to spotlight the month of February. There’s been countless “Go Red for […]

98.7 AMP Radio–02/09/2013


Taking A Stand Against Bullying!

I’m so excited to be one of the new host for Street Beat on the CW50. This Sunday I will be sitting down with members of our community from different organizations to discuss the issue […]

98.7 AMP Radio–02/02/2013