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Marriage Proposal Via Facebook Status

Now this is taking ‘modern technology’ to a whole new level. On December 27th, 2010, a technologically inclined man decided to propose to his girlfriend via


Book Your Facebook

Some people are scrap-bookers, some people are bloggers. Some people like to share every picture they ever take, even from their phone, while others like to share what they’re doing and where they’re going of […]


Your Organs Can Send Status Updates To Your Phone

Can you imagine a future so technologically advanced that your body organs are capable of sending status updates to your phone and your body can be connected to the internet? Hard to believe, yes, but […]


Is Facebook changing something AGAIN?!

Is it true? Is Facebook making yet another change to their social site? Yes! So, does this mean more groups being created about people hating the new Facebook and boycotting certain things? Let’s hope not! […]