Social Networking

Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

New Social Network App.Net Wants You To Join For $50

Are you ready to deactivate your Facebook and Twitter? There’s a new social network in town called The site is asking potential users to pay $50 to join, and in return it promises a […]


Where The Ladies At?

Where the ladies at? No, seriously. Where you at? There’s this new website called It’s a real domain that actually gives you the


Fartsquare. Because We All Over Share.

This makes me laugh every time. This new social networking site is used to keep your friends and followers constantly updated by sharing the unthinkable, how and where it happened.


Facebook Takes Precedence Over Bathroom

What’s the firs thing you do every morning when you wake up? Turn off your alarm? Yeah, duh. I mean the next thing, once you’re actually alert. Brush your teeth? Use the restroom? Wash your […]


Guess Who’s on Facebook?!

Are you “friends” with former President Bush? Well, now’s your chance! George W. Bush’s Facebook page made its debut Wednesday, making him the most recent politician to get personal on Facebook. Since joining the social […]