Social Media

Eminem Triumphs Lady GaGa On Facebook

Lady Gaga has officially been booted to the number two spot on the popularity list on Facebook. Did you ever think it could happen? Of course! Anything is possible. But who was it that ousted […]


Samsung’s Social Media Savvy Baby Monitors

There have been some pretty amazing products unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this past year, some of which include 3D glasses by Calvin Klein, a wirelessly powered electric car, many blinged out cell phone […]


Social Media Trends That Need To STOP!

There are many, many social media trends out in the world right now. Most of them are wonderful, helpful and fun trends, while a few of them need to go… now. Some are annoying, a […]


Hey Detroit! Job Opening!

Anyone with on-screen talent ought to try out for the role of Logitech’s new host extraordinaire. Logitech plans to launch the Revue, an add-on to deliver Google TV to customers this fall. The company just announced […]


Facebook Movie, “The Social Network” Trailer

Even my mom is on Facebook! Next October the movie about how it was created is coming out. It looks scary good! Watch the trailer. The full trailer for the hype-heavy Facebook movie is on […]


Twitter Tantrums!

Celebs have melt downs all the time.  Now with Social Media we get to see Twitter Tantrums…