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Flo Rida Gives Back To Charity, Gives His Cell Number To Fans

Flo is known to really connect with his fans through Twitter, Facebook and even through plain old telephone. “All the social sites come into play when you’re trying to reach your fans,” he said. “From day one I’ve been giving out my cell phone number, so, I mean, that always helps.”


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Will Pinterest Be Bigger Than Twitter?

Pinterest is the the newest in hot social media networks.  It is a network of great ideas and cool trends that people can search for and save their favorites.  With already over 10 million 1st […]


Rapper Chamillionaire Attends Tech Conference

This year’s Disrupt (a technology conference) captured technology gurus from around the world, once again. From developers to eager startup entrepreneurs, every representation from the tech world filled the halls, including celebrities, the newest breed of enthusiasts.


Jersey Shore Knows Their Social Media!

It’s Thursday! Do you know what that means? Cab’s Here! That’s right, another episode of the Jersey Shore (Italy). If you’re into this show like my wife and me, then you won’t be surprised when […]


Social Media is a Party!

Social Media Is A Party

Social Media Is A Party and you are invited! Have you attended a Social Media Panel discussion to learn more or network ideas recently and found your self snoring faster than a facebook poke. If […]


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Google+ vs. Facebook: What Will Surprise You

I’m an early-adopter, so I tend to dive into new gadgets, technology, and web trends almost immediately. New doesn’t always mean great, so I’ve spent time I’ll never get back on things that I’ve followed […]


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Will YouTube Delete Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ For Too Many ‘Dislikes’?

Twitter is on FIRE right now with the hilarious trending topics #DearYoutube and #dontdeletebaby. Apparently the video clip for Justin Bieber‘s breakout hit “Baby” is about to be taken OFF of the YouTubes because it […]


Social Media 2.0 – Business Breakfast

Most small and large business owners have identified they plan to spend more time and money on social networking in 2011 but what steps should you take regarding reputation management? Join 98.7 Amp Radio / […]


Adapt Social Media Lingo In Your Life

It is clear to most people by now that the world of social media is a world of it’s own, especially when it comes down to the unique lingo used. Lingo such as “unlike,” “defriend” […]


Free Social Media Marketing Breakfast

Detroit Marketers, Business owners, Professionals or aspiring Nerds: Join Buck Head Wednesday 4/26/2011 @ 8am for  a FREE Social Media Business Breakfast filled with Tips & Discussions.  No hooks – just help! CLICK HERE to […]