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Michigan Family Creates Awesome 200-Foot Luge In Their Backyard

One Michigan family is hoping the white stuff sticks around, at least a little longer.


image of delicious vanilla ice cream. very shallow depth of field

How To Make Ice Cream From Snow

Make your own ice cream with snow and 3 simple ingredients! You’ll have vanilla ice cream in minutes!



5 Reasons Why I Like The Snow

1) It is better than rain! Rain is just ugly and whenever it rains out I feel like it ruins my day in a bad way! Rain always puts people in bad gloomy moods.  On […]


The Snowpocalypse Is Coming: 8-12 Inches?

Are we going to get hit with a MONSTER storm this week? Will schools and businesses be closed?


50 Cent Makes Some Extra Cash Shoveling Snow

We all know that 50 Cent is a hustler that will do anything for money, but I think his latest business plan has gone a little bit to far.


10 Great Geeky Gadgets!

The cold, winter conditions have already hit many places throughout the Nation this Holiday season. Not to mention, Christmas Day is just FIVE days away! If you’re looking to make a last minute purchase for […]


Do You Have The Ugg Virus?

Snow just started falling in Southeast Michigan and furry boots are being pulled out of closets everywhere. Do you own a pair of Ugg Boots? A new virus may be a problem for you this […]