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[Video] Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep During Interview

Have you ever felt yourself fall asleep in the middle of something important?  Well, in the middle of an interview about his new movie, Now You See Me, Morgan Freeman just couldn’t stay awake! While […]

98.7 AMP Radio–05/23/2013

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fun. On Drinking (Ir)Responsibly And Getting Bad Advice

After a true drunken night out, the guys revealed who holds their hair back. “You went to college, you must have gotten so drunk that you did something,” guitarist Jack Antonoff joked.


Want A Better Night’s Sleep?

Personally, I feel like I sleep with my iPhone. I’m on it right before I go to bed, it’s right next to my head while I sleep (on my nightstand) and I’m on it first […]


Too Much Sleep Can Be Harmful

UNBELIEVABLE….Getting too much sleep might be holding you back at work….HUH???


Yes We Can! Take A Nap…

A Kalamazoo Michigan student falls asleep during President Obama’s commencement speech Monday night. You GOTTA see this video! This kid is about to be famous. He inevitably will grab his 15 sec of fame and […]