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Skype Spreads Christmas Cheer!

During the holidays, thousands of people travel using the airports throughout the United States.  And with weather always being a factor with if, and when the planes take off, people love to use the WiFi […]


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Skype And Facebook Join Forces!

Facebook has undoubtedly become one of the most popular sites ever.  And because its popularity is so obvious, Skype has decided to do some integration and join forces with the social media giant!


Want to Skype? New Update With Better Features!

As many of you may know already, Skype for iPhone recently received an update, which now incorporates bluetooth! The update is quite amazing, in fact, as it brings other new great features such as


5 Facebook Etiquette Rules

Facebook announced Skype-powered video chat recently, which most people are very anxious over. Now users will have the ability to see they’re friends they’ve been text-chatting with. This will change the world of Facebook once […]


Never Miss A Call With FaceTime!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, Apple has released FaceTime for OS X in the Mac App Store. The app will allow users to take advantage of the […]


Would You Skype With Detroit City Council?

Most people know what Skype is even though they may not utilize it’s video and telephone conferencing capabilities. However, last week, City Council President Charles Pugh decided he’d like more public participation in meetings, by […]


Group Video Calling With Skype

Skype recently released the newest version of its communication software and it’s no longer available in beta format. The beta version of Skype 5 for Mac has been out for several months now, but the new, […]


Group Video Calling With Skype

Skype has come a long way with their video calling capabilities over the past several years. Most recently, after spending some time in beta (or, test) platform, Skype’s group video calling has finally been


Skype App Update on iDevices

Finally, the iPhone received an upgraded move that will make anyone scream with enjoyment. There’s been a recent update to the Skype app for iPhone that finally allows users to make


Facebook Looking To Offer Video Chat?

The World of app developers is crazy, but smart. One app Facebook app developer, Tal Ater, might have stumbled upon a Javascript object on the Facebook website called VideoChat that could point toward the direction […]