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When You Ask Siri To Play ‘Loud Farts’ You Get A Rihanna Song!

We guess Siri doesn’t think all-too highly about Rihanna’s music!


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Siri Gives The Sassiest Answer EVER When You Ask This Question!

When it comes to this inquiry, the iPhone digital assistant has ZERO tolerance!


General Motors Chief Akerson Addresses Annual Shareholders Meeting

GM Says Siri Will Speak To You In A Chevy By Next Year

GM announced plans to integrate Apple’s Siri into three of its new Chevrolet models starting early next year. Customers with an iPhone running iOS 6 will be able to sync their phones through Bluetooth in […]


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Is iOS 5.1 On Its Way?

Finally, some news I have some news to be excited for!  Usually when companies release info about their newest products, it’s a well-kept secret.  For some reason, Apple can never keep their info under wraps.  […]


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Is Siri A Psycho?

Even the people at Apple say there is still a lot of us to learn about Siri. I’ve heard she can do some amazing things.  But after watching this video, I’m afraid to say the […]


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A Siri App For Android?

With the obvious excitement over the iPhone 4s and Siri, the virtual assistant, many Android users have been left in the dust with their sub-par voice activation programs.  But is it possible that someone put […]



Siri Lends A Hand To Santa

I couldn’t even imagine how crazy of a schedule Santa Claus has on Christmas.  While everyone says magic is how he can make all those stops in one night.  While magic may be involved, Santa […]


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Siri Is Stuck In The Middle

While Siri has become one of the most popular features of the iPhone 4S, it seems to get stuck in the middle all the time.  While it will answer pretty much any question, it doesn’t […]


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Does iPhone’s Siri Have Some Competition?

Even though Siri, the computerized “personal assistant,” may have some flaws, she still has become very popular among smart phone enthusiast.  With the heightened popularity of that type of technology, it seems like another company […]


Control Siri Telepathically!

At this point, it doesn’t get much better than talking to your phone and telling it what to do for you or asking it to help you out with something. However, what could be better […]