Study Shows Whining Is The Most Annoying Sound In The World

Fingernails screeching down a chalk board, feedback from a speaker, a loud horn…all can be classified as annoying sounds but the most annoying sound in the world is WHINING!!


Watching Jersey Shore Makes You Dumb!

As you know….they research EVERYTHING….even Reality TV shows! The latest research suggest that if you watch reality TV shows like “Jersey Shore” you become “DUMB” or “DUMBER”


Funniest Ringtones You Heard In A Public Place Pt. 2

Shay Shay asked “What is the funniest ringtone you heard in a public place?”  These stories are hilarious….


The Funniest Ringtone You Heard In A Public Place

Shay Shay asked “What is the funniest ringtone you heard when someone’s phone went off in a public pace…maybe it was funny, odd, or embarrassing….You had some great stories


Shay Shay’s Funny Bank Experience

It started out as just a regular trip to the bank….but ended up being quite an interesting experience. I felt like I had just worked out because my abs were soar from laughing so hard!


Str8 From Her Mouth: This Week’s Topic…Cosmetic Surgery

In our Beastie Boys voice, “HEY LADIESSSS!” Every week Tina and Shay Shay will be going over YOUR questions and concerns. No matter how embarrassing or inappropriate they may be, we are here to serve YOU. This […]


A Facebook Study Says People Are Most Likely To Get Dumped On Weekends

A study of FB status updates says people are most likely to change their status from “In A Relationship” to “Single” on Mondays…meaning most of the dumping happens on the weekends…Not so for one listener. […]


Dumped Right Before Christmas

  The experts say you are most likely to get dumped over the summer and around Christmas time.  Some listeners agreed because its happend to them.


Rihanna And Eminem To Team Up Again

Rihanna and Eminem will follow their Hot 100-topping single “Love The Way You Lie” with a sequel set to appear on Rihanna’s upcoming album “Loud.”


Mariah Carey Christmas Special

Mom-to-be Mariah Carey will support the release of her new Christmas album with a TV special….hmmm, this is kinda interesting considering she will be showing considerably by December…