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Michelle Obama Plays Flag Football

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, made ESPN’s “Top 10″ highlight reel on “SportsCenter” this morning.  “Click More” to find out why she was playing flag football…


Drake and Serena Williams

Last week I reported on Serena Williams being single since her break up with Hip Hop artist Common and she’s been looking for her new knight and shining armor…she may be on to the next […]


98.7 Amp Live 3

OMGEEEEE….they just won AMP Live tixs! You can win them too! Click more to find out how so you can be as excited as this caller was!!!


Serena Williams On Looking For Mr. Right!

Serena Williams says she’s single and ready to mingle….Soooo, if you’re a guy that’s interested, how should you approach her???


Young Buck Of G-Unit Files For Bankruptcy

Young Buck of G-Unit is surprise…BANKRUPT!!!! And guess what else he’s doing besides filing for bankruptcy???? G G G G-UNIT!!!


Snoop Dogg Wants To Replace Simon Cowell

Snoop Double Gizzle as a judge on Idol??? Snoop Dogg says it’s time that “American Idol” added some “pizzazz” to its judging panel.


Ne-Yo In The D

Ne-Yo is gearing up to take his show on the road in a seven-city tour, inspired by his latest single, “Champagne Life.”  Is he coming to Detroit???


Why You Must Listen On Ticket Takeover Tuesdays!!

Ticket Takeover Tuesdays hooked up a whole lot of people with Eminem and Jay-Z tickets…OMG how excited were they????


Drake And Nicki Minaj Marriage Update!!

@ Tinas Trash broke the story on Monday about the rumors of Drake and Nicki Minaj tweeting about getting married…so here is the update!!!


MJ’s Kids Need Bodyguards

Can you imagine as a kid having body guards follow you everywhere??? Well…Michael Jackson’s kids can, the family chose to put them in a regular school so they could have a regular life, but…that doesn’t […]





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