Shay Shay

Deep Voice Guy Has A Groupie!

Nobody can figure it out! Who knows where Deep Voice Guy is getting ALL THIS MONEY…but, its making him a very popular man. In fact, he’s getting groupies…


Women Who Do This Are More Happy

Its a new study done by psychology professors at Cornell University.  They say woman who do this are more happy! I was curious as to what people might think it is… I asked what they […]


NEW: Britney Spears Weekend Winner

Shay Shay gave away the first pair of Britney Spears tickets this weekend to Kourtney (pictured).  If you heard Kourtney and her sister on 98.7 Amp Radio they screamed for ever.  When Buck Head interviewed […]


Why Men Leave The Toilet Seat Up

Ladies, if you live with a man….you’ve probably had this issue before and it may even be a MAJOR problem in your relationship.  Have you ever had to ask the question, “Why can’t you put […]


The Best Time To “Bow Chica Wow Wow”

When is the best time to get the best “Bow Chica Wow Wow” from your man?


Shay Shay’s Hangover Surprise

Resident prankster Buck Head heard a rumor that Shay Shay was nursing a horrible hangover one morning… see what he and Robbie proceeded to do to surprise her in the studio!


Video: Snowball Fight

Earlier this week, Detroit had a big snowstorm… which means… it’s time for a snowball fight!


Timabaland Has The Most Hits!

Give Timbaland a hand. He has officially earned the most top 40 singles on Billboard charts since 2005 – this includes his own singles as well as those he produced for others.


Taylor Swift Not Accepting Kanye West Apology

Taylor Swift feels like Kanye West is using her to promote his new CD…


Lil Wayne Gets Special Treatment In Rikers

Dang, even in jail, lil bug man, er, Lil Wayne seems to have a way with the ladies…..well he did make a song about I wish I could $%&$ every girl in the world…