Scooter Braun Campaigns for Justin Bieber's GrammyYup, it's a campaign video for the Grammy peeps.
Justin Bieber Discusses His Strained Relationship With His Mom"I was distant because I was ashamed," he said.
Justin Bieber Manager Scooter Braun Does a Hilariously Spot-On Barack Obama Impression: WatchLike, really spot-on.
Justin Bieber Posts Video Of Tom Hanks Dancing To ‘This Is How We Do It’ And It’s Awesome!Is it just us, or does this seem like the most fun wedding of all time? And who knew the Biebs and Tom Hanks were friends?!
Lil Wayne Goes Off On Justin Bieber's Manager Scooter Braun!Don't make Weezy mad because he will let you know!!
Usher Tells Justin "Don't F**k It Up" In New 'Believe' Clip
Madison Beer 'Melodies'
Justin Bieber Going To Space!
Ariana Grande Makes Her TV Debut On Ellen!
PSY Sounds Off On His "Gangnam Style" SuccessThe music may be the catchiest thing you've heard all year but since he sings entirely in Koran, most of us have no idea what PSY is rapping about. He was kind enough to clear up what "Gangnam Style" really means.
Carly Rae Jepsen Reveals Her Favorite "Call Me Maybe" Cover
Justin Bieber Picks Up More Collaborators For Upcoming Christmas Album

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