Girl Scams A Telemarketer Before They Can Scam Her

A woman found herself on the line with a scammer, who she realized wasn’t actually someone calling to give her money she had won (it never is), when they asked for her personal information. After […]

98.7 AMP Radio–08/19/2013

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Should This Guy Give His Sister $6,000?

On Group Therapy Thursday, Coop got a call from a guy that was put into an odd situation with his sister.  He called in to tell us the story about how his sister asked to […]

98.7 AMP Radio–05/02/2013

Woman Scammed For A Wooden iPad

She thought she was getting a heck of a deal. Instead, she got a piece of wood.. 


Beware of the coupon scams!

There are too many scams out there these days and fake coupons is one of them. I mean, when you’re at a store buying something you want or need and you’re nearly dependent upon this […]


ALERT: Facebook Coke Scam!

Attention everyone! There’s a new scam spreading around on Facebook that is similar to many of the others we’ve covered in the past in that it prompts users to find out the “Truth about Coke” […]