Roller Coaster

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New Six Flag Ride Has The World’s Biggest Drop: 415FT

Do you LOVE Roller Coasters? I remember being terrified of the ‘Demon Drop’ at Cedar Point back in the day, I will definitely stay away from this new ride. Six Flags New Jersey unveiled plans […]

98.7 AMP Radio–08/30/2013

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Ohio Couple Builds A Roller Coaster In Their Backyard

Nobody likes Ohio and that is just a fact! Being a Michigan fan (GO BLUE!) I really hate that state, like I have a tough time going to Cedar Point because I have to drive […]



Dad Freaks Out On Roller Coaster!

I hate roller coasters.  There I said it!  People call me weird for being scared by roller coasters, but I have EVERYTHING about them.  But after I watched this video of a dad and his […]



A Roller Coaster That Will Rip Your Arm Off!

Yet another reason while I will never ride roller coasters. Thorpe Park in London is going to debut their newest “winged” roller coaster called “The Swarm.” The only problem is, it has been ripping limbs off!