BREAKING NEWS: Guys Like To Cuddle More Than Women Do!!!

Men need MORE cuddles and kisses than women, and if that weren’t surprising enough….


“Man Gagement” Rings….The New Trend

It’s happening more and more these days….they say its the new trend. Women asking the man to marry them and getting “Man Gagement” rings!


Why Men Leave The Toilet Seat Up

Ladies, if you live with a man….you’ve probably had this issue before and it may even be a MAJOR problem in your relationship.  Have you ever had to ask the question, “Why can’t you put […]


Things You Do That Stress Him Out

Like women, guys don’t like being treated poorly or unfairly….but you might be surprised to know that also like women, men often turn to food for comfort because being treated poorly stresses them out. Ladies […]


Tabloid Trash: Katy Perry Might Be Cheating On Russell Brand!

Sources close to Katy Perry are saying that she is CHEATING on her new hubby Russell Brand with a member of her creative team!! Our money was on Russell being the cheater! Listen to hear […]


Miley No Longer Single

Watching her relationship with this Liam kid is like watching a tennis match.


Buck Head Schools Sam In, Umm, Love?

The strategy of approaching a woman like you’re Rico Suave (remember [lastfm]Gerardo[/lastfm]?) is a priceless art form. Watch Buck Head teach Sam how it should be done.


Unknown Michael Jackson Facts!

There are many, many, many things we don’t know about Michael Jackson. I mean, yeah we all know silly things like he had eyelid surgery, he had cheek implants, and he turned his skin white […]


Break with him/her NICELY!!!

You want to dump them but you don’t want to be mean…can you break up with them nicely??? Here’s what you say…


Ashton Loves To Hate Demi

The key to knowing you’re in love, according to Ashton… Ashton Kutcher knew Demi Moore was the one when he realized he could hate her and still love her. He believes the key to a […]