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Ellie Goulding Weighs In On Prince Harry’s Crown Jewels

“He’s young and he has fun just like all of us. And he should be allowed privacy and I think that was unfair,” said Goulding.


Facebook Photo Tagging Made Easier

I would confidently say that nine times out of ten, Facebook recognizes faces and can practically auto-tag people in your photos for you. This improvement is huge in the world of Facebook, especially with an […]


Is your backyard being watched?

Is your back yard, fenced or not, being spied upon? Not just from the neighbors or passer-by’s, but from the sky? Consider this your warning. It’s been discovered that city officials in one town on […]


My Homemade Computers!

So before Steve Jobs I used to do a little computer work myself and this was my first idea for a portable laptop.  If you want to see my wifes privacy screen click more…