Adorable Baby Girl Pranks Dad With Fake Crying [VIDEO]Is she that good at pranking her pops already?
Ohio State Football Team Pranked During Practice! [VIDEO]These are supposed to be the manliest of men and they're running away and diving behind chairs?
Snooping Girlfriend Gets Pranked By Her Boyfriend [VIDEO]Make sure you watch the video until the end to see the epic finish!
WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Pranks Jake Gyllenhaal And Scares The Heck Out Of Him! [Video]See Jake Gyllenhaal's priceless reaction to Ellen's prank!
Two-Year-Old Pulls Off Killer Halloween Prank [VIDEO]Is there anything scarier than a tiny little kid, standing behind your car holding a knife not saying a word? I'm going to go with NO
Cat Falling Out Of Window Prank...This Is So Mean! [VIDEO]Payback suck!
Ford Does Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank In Detroit [Video]You will never go through another car wash again and not think about this.
Watch MKTO Get Pranked On Fuse News!Is it the worst interview ever or the best April Fools' prank ever? Watch MKTO get pranked by the Fuse News team.
Guy Wears Yoga Pants To Trick Other Guys Into Checking Out His Thick BootyThis!
The Walking Dead Zombie Prank In NYCWatch as residents of NYC get the crap scared out of them as they are attacked by zombies!
Live Shot Prank On Local Detroit Reporter
Sneaky Sayings: Coop Pranks A Pet Shop In NYC

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