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Weird New Trend: Bridesmaids Showing Booty In Wedding Photos

Nothing says ‘My friend is getting married’ like showing off your booty! Wait…what?


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One Man. Three Whole Lemons Challenge [VIDEO]

This is terrible, why would you even do that?

98.7 AMP Radio–06/03/2014

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Great White Shark Attacks Boat And It’s All Caught On Video!

Note to self: Never adventure into shark infested waters in an inflatable boat.

98.7 AMP Radio–05/15/2014

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High School Girl Fed ‘Semen-Filled’ Cupcakes to Kids Who Picked on Her

Getting sweet revenge is always entertaining, but did this high school student from California took revenge a little too far.

98.7 AMP Radio–05/07/2014

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The Med Student Who’s Auctioning Off Her Virginity Reveals Her Face

She’s received offers up to $ 500,000.00

98.7 AMP Radio–04/30/2014


Woman Almost Blows Up Entire Military Police Class After Failing To Throw Grenade [VIDEO]

Grenade Toss training gone wrong!

98.7 AMP Radio–04/28/2014

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Worst Dad Ever!

This is probably one of the worst things you will see today.

98.7 AMP Radio–04/28/2014


Dude Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Via Instagram #Hashtag

Well that’s one way to kick her to the curb!

98.7 AMP Radio–04/25/2014



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