New iPad

Apple's new iPad is displayed at a branc

Is There A New iPad On The Way?

Apple seems to have the most rumors about it compared to any other company.  So called “experts” always make claims that there are new products coming out and when.  While many times they are wrong, […]


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Get Ready To Wait In Line For The New iPad!

It’s only been one weeks since the announcement of the New iPad, but it goes on sale tomorrow. While you could have easily pre-ordered it and hopefully will get it sent to your house, many people enjoy the thrill of standing in line to get the newest version of their favorite toy. While many people stand in line for hours, they end up without the newest product. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to stand in line for your New iPad and actually come home with one!


iPad 2

Well It is finally here!  Rejoice to the Geek Gods and throw away your old iPad today the iPad 2 was announced