mikey motivation

Mikey’s Motivation

I have been slacking on this so I am back at it! Every Wednesday I will find a quote that helps me get through the week and share it with you! Hopefully this can help […]

98.7 AMP Radio–01/23/2013

mikey motivation

Mikey’s Motivation

First off, happy Halloween! With that said it is Wednesday and we are half way through the week! If your anything like me the past weekend was super long and now you’re struggling to get thought […]


mikey motivation

Mikey’s Motivation

It is hump day Wednesday and we are almost at that weekend! I have been slacking on my motivation so figured we would get back to it tonight!  Came across this quote today and I […]


mikey motivation

Mikey’s Motivations

Look at that it is already hump day Wednesday! We are almost too that weekend, only two more days! So if you are struggle to finish the week here is some motivation to keep you […]


mikey motivation

Mikey’s Motivation

So here we are another Hump Day Wednesday! Not going to lie I have been struggling a little today, already down a 5 hour energy shot and a Monster! Nevertheless, here is my motivational quote to […]


mikey motivation

Mikey’s Motivation

So the long weekend made for a short week but it is hump day Wednesday already! Which means we are half way done with our work week! So just incase you are feeling stress, aggravated or just […]



The Mikey V Movie Theater

So when I got my first apartment on my own when I was 21 (3 years ago) I was thinking about buying a really nice TV however I didn’t know what one to get!  The […]



Friends Visiting Detroit !

So if you didn’t already know I am the new guy around the 987 AMP Radio hallways!  I was born and raised in Boston then moved to New York, then Indianapolis and now happy in Detroit! Through […]



Buck And Coop Give Mikey V An Early Mornings Wake Up Call!

Buck and Coop thought it would perfect to give 98.7 AMP Radio’s new night guy, Mikey V, a very warm welcome to Detroit!  Now, being a night guy, they know that Mikey V probably stayed […]