Signs That She Will NOT Make A Good Wife

Single Ladies…..if you want to get married but just haven’t been able to get that ring on your finger….there might be a reason why you are still single! Apparently there are signs that warn men […]


Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment

Amber Rose Wants Wiz Khalifa’s Babies

Amber Rose hit the spotlight hard when she was dating Kanye West. Since then she has moved on to another rapper and it sounds like things are getting serious.


BREAKING NEWS: Guys Like To Cuddle More Than Women Do!!!

Men need MORE cuddles and kisses than women, and if that weren’t surprising enough….


Women Who Lost Virginity Early More Likely To Divorce

A new study is suggesting that women who waited to have sex later on in their life are less likely to get divorced….hmmmmm???


Facebook Ruining Marriages?

Statistically, four out of every five U.S. divorce lawyers obtain evidence from Facebook posts, according to a recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Let’s start off by getting this out there: Facebook […]


Tabloid Trash: Katy Perry Might Be Cheating On Russell Brand!

Sources close to Katy Perry are saying that she is CHEATING on her new hubby Russell Brand with a member of her creative team!! Our money was on Russell being the cheater! Listen to hear […]


Marriage Proposal Via Facebook Status

Now this is taking ‘modern technology’ to a whole new level. On December 27th, 2010, a technologically inclined man decided to propose to his girlfriend via




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