Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg losing $

The honeymoon is over baby.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who just married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan might want to cut back on his spendings after losing $1.5 BILLION on his plummeting Facebook stock.  All in […]


Facebook Flashback To 2006!

An old video of Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s Palo Alto office in June 2005 has recently surfaced. That was over six years ago! The clip is apparently part of a longer 40-minute-interview from a documentary […]


Funny Google+ Parody Video

With everyone exaggerating the growth of Google Plus in the world of social media, it’s about time for at least one good parody to come into play. Check out the new video


Mark Zuckerberg And Obama Meet

US President Barack Obama met up with the leader of the tech industry, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook. They had the opportunity to meet at an event in California. No one knows […]


Men’s Fashion: Mark By Mark Zuckerberg

If you love technology, Facebook, nonetheless, then chances are you like Mark Zuckerberg. Well, why not look the part. I mean, it’s only fitting if you think you’re some technology guru, right? So be a […]


New Facebook Look

There’s some big news regarding Facebook that is being rolled out today that is certainly eye-catching for many people, as Facebook is, yet again, receiving a new ‘look.’ However, this came as a surprise, after […]


What Would You Buy With $6.9 Billion?

We always see photos of famous people’s mansions, like Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta and J-Lo, but do you ever wonder about famous people in other industries? People that have so much money


Facebook Movie The Social Network

Topping the box office this past weekend was the unofficial Facebook movie, The Social Network. The film brought in over $23 million in sales…


The Social Network (The Facebook Movie)

Okay, who saw the premier on Wednesday and who is anxiously awaiting see The Social Network tonight or this weekend? I AM! However, there’s been some common mix up recently with regards to the actual […]


Mark Zuckerberg On Ping

Apple and Facebook are having an issue at the moment. Despite launching with Facebook Connect integration yesterday, it’s now nowhere to be seen on Apple’s new music social network, Ping (through iTunes). And that’s too bad because […]