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What Should She Do About Him Cheating?

A listener called us this morning looking for help in her marriage.  She said that while she knows her husband has been cheating for quite a while, she doesn’t know if she should confront him. […]

98.7 AMP Radio–06/26/2013

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How Oklahoma Is Reacting To The Help They Are Receiving

We were shocked this morning when we spoke with Jack and Ron, who are DJs in Oklahoma. They said they were pleased and kind of surprised that a city as far away as Detroit is […]

98.7 AMP Radio–05/23/2013

Buck and Coop Go Fishing

Buck And Coop Take A Listener Fishing!

Buck and Coop will do ANYTHING to get you to listen.  They aren’t desperate, but they just want to show how loyal they are to you in return for your loyalty.  Just yesterday, Buck and […]


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What Have You Done For Revenge?

We read an article about a dentist that got revenge on her ex-boyfriend by pulling out ALL of his teeth.  While that is probably one of the worst cases of revenge we have ever seen, […]