Find Out Which Actor Lost a Bet & Has to Get a Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoo!So our boy Leo made a bet with ....
Leonardo DiCaprio Hilariously Pretended to be a Random Fan of Jonah HillAnother Oscar-worthy performance from Leo.
Is Leonardo DiCaprio Hooking Up with a Jenner Sister?Leonardo DiCaprio has a pretty well-known reputation for dating models, but is his latest lady also a reality TV star?
Rihanna Spotted at Coachella Getting Cozy with Famous ActorThe rumors are starting to spread!
Britney Spears' Throwback with Leonardo DiCaprio Won #TBT this WeekLeo throwing up the "west coast" sign in a Red Sox hat? Sure, why not!
Was Leonardo DiCaprio Chewing Tobacco During his Oscar Speech?Can't fool the internet!
Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Fun of Himself While Having his Oscar EngravedLeonardo DiCaprio may now be an Oscar winner, but don't expect him to get all pretentious on us!
Did Kate Winslet Reveal She Was Pregnant at the Oscars?Kate's reaction to Leo's big win at the Oscars isn't the only photo making headlines!
Kate Winslet Discusses Whether Jack Could've Fit on the Door in 'Titanic'"I'll never let go, Jack..." *Lets go several minutes later*
Leonardo DiCaprio Explains Spooked Reaction to Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes"I just didn’t know what was passing me, that’s all. I was like, ‘oh!’"
Leonardo DiCaprio Explains Awkward Moment with Lady Gaga at the Golden GlobesBoth Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga were big winners at the 2016 Golden Globe awards, but today, they're in the headlines together for a different reason.
Leonardo Dicaprio's Doppelgänger is Unbelievable!This is insane!

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