2011 American Music Awards - Show

LMFAO Served $7 Million Lawsuit

The past 24 hours have been very eventful for party rockers LMFAO. It all began last night when group members Red Foo and SkyBlu were on the way to their scheduled American Idol performance. Starting […]



Bieber Hates Beavers… That Look Like Him.

So apparently there is an app on iTunes that has really upset Justin Bieber. So much so that he had his lawyers file a lawsuit against it! The game involves a jousting beaver… whats wrong […]


50 Cent Is Being Sued

A lawsuit is being brought up against 50 Cent and its sketchy at best. A woman is claiming she was attacked at his Connecticut mansion, but that 50 wasn’t present at the time.


Rumors Swirling That Shaquille O’Neal Ordered Three People To Be Murdered!

Shaquille O’Neal is being sued for allegedly ordering 3 people to be murdered!


Beyonce Sued for $100 Million

Gate Five LLC, a software development company, has hit Beyonce with a $100 million lawsuit. The company claims that Beyonce breached a contract and left 70 employees without a job.


Trey Songz Sued Over ‘Bottoms Up’ Track

So Trey Songz is allegedly being sued over the rights to his hit single ‘Bottoms Up’. It’s actually quite the complicated story, I got a headache trying to figure it out.