Do You Have Facebook Addiction Disorder?

You won’t find Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) in a medical textbook, but more and more folks are finding it harder and harder to stay away from the social network. Several experts have even thrown around […]


Bling Your Things

So if the blingy cell phone case (among other blingy products these days) isn’t enough for you, the rhinestone encrusted or Swaraovski crystal bedazzled fun doesn’t stop there. Once again, at the Consumer Electronics Show, […]


Hot Tech Deals At Your Fingertips

Christmas is the perfect time of year to shop for new, big technology for your household, yourself, or someone in your family. So, if you’re in the market for a new desktop computer, laptop or […]


FAIL: Power Outage!

Have you ever been working on something really important when the power goes out? Not only is your work probably not saved, but in order to finish what you’re doing you have to completely improvise […]


My Homemade Computers!

So before Steve Jobs I used to do a little computer work myself and this was my first idea for a portable laptop.  If you want to see my wifes privacy screen click more…