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Caitlyn Jenner Joins Twitter, Gets Support From Kardashian/Jenner Children!

“My angel on earth!” Kylie Jenner wrote on Instagram.


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Bruce Jenner Will Appear As A Woman On ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover

It looks like we will finally get to see what the female Bruce Jenner looks like. Vanity Fair is saying that Bruce will appear as his female self on the cover of on of their upcoming magazines. Remember, in the interview with Diane Sawyer he mentioned it was the last time he would appear as “Bruce Jenner” but did not show us what the new look would look like.


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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Expecting Second Child!

Well, I suppose we all knew this would be happening soon since Kim has been talking about having another baby all the time! The funny part is that Twitter is begging the couple to name their second child “South” (lol).


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Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde And Channels Marilyn Monroe For ‘Vogue’ Cover Shoot [PHOTOS]

Kim Kardashian may still feel like blondes have more fun!



Footage Of Kardashian Car Crash Is Truly Scary [VIDEO]

In a truly terrifying clip, the girls can be seen panicking as they realize what’s about to happen, and Kim cries out, “I’m not wearing my seatbelt!”


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Kanye West Reveals How Much He Really Loves Kim Kardashian In One Sweet Tweet

Being one for public displays of affection, Kanye West told his wife of one year how he really feels about her in one tweet.


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[PHOTOS] Kimye Celebrate Their 1 Year Anniversary!

It’s been one year since Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tied the knot and just like the rest of us they’re celebrating the date! Of course…unlike the rest of us, they’re spending a little bit more money, OK…a lot more.


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Report: Kris Jenner Gave Kylie Permission To Do What?!

Well, I’m usually not one to judge other peoples parenting for many, many reasons but can we all agree that Kris Jenner is not the sharpest tool in the shed? There are reports flying around that she gave her daughter Kylie permission to alter her body. What body part though?


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The Amazon Reviews Of Kim Kardashians ‘Selfie’ Book Are Hilarious!

Kim Kardashian published a book (did you know that?) of selfies. Yes…a full book of just her selfies. I suppose that when you do that, you sort of are opening yourself up to critics, right? There is no better place on the internet for fans and critics to show their love or dismay than reviews!


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You Won’t Believe What Kylie Jenner Did In Her Latest Snapchat Video!

Kylie Jenner has the ability to cause her fans to freak out and this week is no different!