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Report: Kris Jenner Gave Kylie Permission To Do What?!

Well, I’m usually not one to judge other peoples parenting for many, many reasons but can we all agree that Kris Jenner is not the sharpest tool in the shed? There are reports flying around that she gave her daughter Kylie permission to alter her body. What body part though?

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The Amazon Reviews Of Kim Kardashians ‘Selfie’ Book Are Hilarious!

Kim Kardashian published a book (did you know that?) of selfies. Yes…a full book of just her selfies. I suppose that when you do that, you sort of are opening yourself up to critics, right? There is no better place on the internet for fans and critics to show their love or dismay than reviews!


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You Won’t Believe What Kylie Jenner Did In Her Latest Snapchat Video!

Kylie Jenner has the ability to cause her fans to freak out and this week is no different!


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Kim Kardashian Discusses Bruce Jenner’s Transition: ‘She’s Beautiful’

“She was dressed up,” she added, “beautiful make-up, beautiful hair, very, very beautiful and very comfortable.”


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Scott Disick ‘Fat Shames’ Kourtney Kardashian

Seriously, I increasingly dislike this like…and I seem to be in the minority. I don’t understand why people continue to like Scott Disick after he continues to act like a _-bag!


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Did Kim Kardashian Just Get Banned From ‘Vogue’?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West famously become the first-ever biracial couple to make the cover of Vogue last year. But will that also be the last time that Kardashian appears in the mega-popular fashion magazine?


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Khloe Kardashian Is Platinum Blond & Nearly Unrecognizable In Latest Instagram Selfie! [PHOTO]

Khloe Kardashian seems to be operating under the mantra that blondes have more fun!


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Whoa! You Need To See What Kanye Did For Kim On Mother’s Day!

Umm… when did we have to start telling the men in our lives to take notes from Kanye?!


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Kylie Jenner Responds To Her Inappropriate Snapchat!

Last week I told you that Kylie Jenner posted a snap with the quote “High As F***” (get that story here). Well, it looks like she is addressing it and attempting to clear up any confusion this week.


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You Won’t Believe What Kylie Jenner Got Caught Doing On Snapchat!

Kylie Jenner is just all over the place this week! This time, it’s her Snapchat video that has people talking. No, it has nothing to do with her lips, her clothing or her selfies in any way. The video is all about WHAT she is doing.