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Detroit Store Offering Shoes To Keep Kids In School

A store in Detroit is trying to help keep kids stay in school by offering them a free pair of Nikes! Bob’s Classic Kicks made an arrangement with the school district to give away a […]


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Jennifer Lopez Feels Young At Heart

She stopped by to perform in Chicago and talked about bringing the kids on tour and “wrapping her head around” being in her ’40s.


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Christian Kids Burning Crosses Into Skin As New Challenge

What is wrong with kids these days?  Are they that bored, or  just that stupid?  First K2 and now this! Parents beware there’s a new teen fad on the rise.  It called the “salt and […]



Buck And Coop Are Nannies For The Day!

Just last week, Buck and Coop told listeners they will do ANYTHING for them, as long as they become a loyal listener.  Just yesterday, they got hooked up with Taylor who is a nanny for […]


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#TrendingOnThe10s: Prince William Talking Babies

Prince William did an interview with Katie Couric that aired last night on ABC. And he talked about how difficult it was for him to get married without his mother there. He told Katie that […]


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Gym Class Heroes Perform “The Fighter” With PS22 Chorus

The guys of Gym Class Heroes performed at Wagner College in Staten Island this Monday along with some special guests: the chorus of PS22. It is one of many high profile appearances for the 5th […]


Joey Caretti

11 Year Old Joey Fighting Cancer For The 2nd Time Needs Your Help

Joey is fighting cancer for the 2nd time in his short life and needs your help. Find out how you can be apart of his fight.


Little Girl Discovers The Difference Between Boys And Girls

Grandma has a what? This video had us ROLLING today.


Kids Try To Make Sense Of Old Technology

“I used to walk to school in the snow and rain, up hill both ways.” Sound familiar? That’s what I heard from my dad growing up. Well, things have changed. These days, we’re telling kids […]


Mom Finds Awkward Art In Pop-Up Book

You won’t believe what Michelle found in a pop-up book. She found a piece of art that resembles something that definitely shouldn’t be in a kid’s book! It really shouldn’t POP UP!