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Freezing Homeless Child In NYC Helped By Someone You Wouldn’t Expect [Video]

People who aren’t homeless and don’t have to worry about heat or where their next meal is coming from take things for granted every day.

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Kid Freaks Out After He Thinks His Dad Has Actually Stolen His Nose & Ear!

Remember, you should always check to make sure your ear isn’t really his thumb.

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[Video] Even Kids In Russia Love The Club Scene

I don’t know what it is about Russian clubs, but it seems that EVERYONE goes to the club over there.  After watching this video, it’s true!  This 7 year old kid has no cares in […]

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[Video] Cute Video Of Dad And His Little Boy Singing The Beatles

This is probably the cutest video The Coop Show has seen in a long time.  It’s a video of a dad and his little boy, who looks about 2.  The 2 year old is playing […]

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Two Year Old Boy Picks Lock To Steal His Sister’s Pillow Pet

After the boy’s eight year old sister complained to her parents about him coming into her room at night and taking her things, including her pillow pet… mom told her to lock the door. A […]

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Louise Goldin - Front Row - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Kanye West Wants Future Kid To Follow His Footsteps

So I was interested to ready that a source recently told Huff Post this… “Kanye has a very healthy ego and thinks any child of his will carry his talented genes. He doesn’t want them […]



Video: The Magical Powers of ‘Gangnam Style’

Psy has taken the world by storm with “Gangnam Style.”  He has millions of views on YouTube, and has been all over American TV including MTV!  Over the weekend, we got to see the magical […]



Update: Boy Raises $3,400 For Detroit With Lemonade Stand

Last week I told you about 9-year-old Joshua Smith who set up a lemonade stand near his house hoping to raise $1,000 for the city of Detroit who we know is in a financial crisis. […]


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9 Year Old Boy Is Selling Lemonade To Help Detroit

How awesome is this? A 9-year-old boy is selling lemonade to help the city of Detroit. The boy was upset when he found out that the city was over $100 million in debt so he […]


Kid Gets Caught Stealing, Breaks Down Crying

Bottom line:  Stealing is wrong.  And the number one reason not to do it?  Someone might tell your dad…